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I’ve never related to anything more

college in a 17 second montage

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"As portioned from a whole"

is the story behind this picture, whereas I merely coloured Canni’s beautiful lineart (first layer with oil crayons on paper, which turned horrible; the second layer on my beloved tablet - or the attempt to fix it).

It is apparently the day of baby Harry being raised by his Darkness xD

Voldemort’s skin is so alabaster in comparison to his galaxy robes. They remind me of those aura and thermoradiation charts, even with the halo effect around his temples. 



for Canni, who told me a wonderful story about these two. <3


The first of my WiPs I hoped to take a go at, & number 11 of the painting palette meme (which I might do even more from).

And no blurring xD

Number 1


And you have given Voldemort such a lovely scale headdress in true Maleficent fashion. I am loving this pallet experiment because I am getting to see your line work under a new veil, more demure than the fire I am used to seeing in your pallets, and it comes across as gentle and delicate.

I have to say that my love for this AU is only growing <3


The only thing that comes to mind is magic? I’m sorry, my brain doesn’t work right. I’m sure this is something hateful, but I cannot put my fimger on it…

Actually, I was talking about “Morals” xD

There is hardly anything as limiting and damaging to the character’s potential and amiableness, than have him sing the song of good and evil and proper…

You speak a language directly from my soul

And I think it interesting that we both have chosen a series (Harry Potter) that has a very good/evil narrative with a protagonist lead much by his moral compass (his heart). I think it is because we like to rip that comfort away from dear Harry and make him vulnerable xD

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